Inviting Patients to Connect


  1. How do I invite my patient(s) to download the app? You can connect with patients by either locating them within the app or by selecting the "New Patient" icon on the home screen (the patient will receive an invite after you’ve added the patient!). Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN) users can locate patients within the app via the search field located on the home screen and select the “send invite” within their profile.

  2. What happens after I add/invite a patient to Aesthetic One? The patient will recieve a text message/email invite immediately after you’ve added a new patient or selected “send invite” option. 

  3. Where can my patients learn more about Aesthetic One? Patients can visit to learn more about Aesthetic One.

  4. Is there any information that I can directly with my patients about Aesthetic One? Yes! Here are educational materials that can be shared with your patients:

  5. Will I have access to all my patients' records? If you are a participant in the ANN Network (Exclusively for Aesthetic Society Members), you will have access to your patients' data within the app. For those not on ANN, patients will need to be input to the app via the "New Patient" icon on the home screen.

  6. Can Aesthetic One be used for all my patients? Aesthetic One can be used to streamline registration for all breast implant patients. The digital intake forms, HIPAA-compliant chat, and HIPAA compliant photo-sharing features can be used with any patient that you have invited to download the paired Aesthetic One app.