• What is Aesthetic One? Aesthetic One is the only way to register breast implants with manufacturers and share information with patients in under 3 minutes. This revolutionary HIPAA-compliant platform also features a paired app for patients allowing you to share breast implant ID cards, operative summaries, photos, and more!

  • Why should I use Aesthetic One? The goal of Aesthetic One is to streamline the breast implant registration process with the manufacturers and empower patients with the information they need. The app also serves as a HIPAA-compliant communication tool between patients and their physicians with a built-in chat feature. 

  • Who is eligible to use Aesthetic One?Aesthetic One is available to physicians practicing in the United States who utilize breast implant devices. Participants will also be able to add staff after the physician account has been activated.

  • How much does it cost to use Aesthetic One? There is no cost to use Aesthetic One. 

  • Is Aesthetic One HIPAA-Compliant? Yes! All information within Aesthetic One is stored in a HIPAA-compliant cloud account.  Information viewed within the app is displayed only at the time it is viewed, meaning nothing is stored on the phone unless downloaded. All messaging is encrypted to meet the latest HIPAA-compliant standards. Aesthetic One also uses biometric validation, face or fingerprint, to provide access to the app. 

  • Can Aesthetic One be used for all my patients? Aesthetic One can be used to streamline registration for all breast implant patients.  The digital intake forms, HIPAA-compliant chat, and HIPAA compliant photo sharing features can be used with any patient that you have invited to download the paired Aesthetic One app.

  • What other features are available in Aesthetic One? By participating you’ll gain access to other time saving features at no cost:

Scanning & Implant Registration 

  1. How will my patients' breast implants be registered? Each patient's breast implant details will be registered with the manufacturer after you have scanned the implants, provided the Operative Summary details, have reviewed the generated registration form, and tapped the register now icon.

  2. Which implant manufacturers can I register my breast implants with? You can register breast implants with manufacturers including: Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. 

  3. What type of labels can I scan and what information is collected? You can scan long barcodes and QR codes for breast implants from Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. While the app is designed to scan short barcodes, this will not collect the same details that can be generated with the long barcode or QR code which includes the implant size, lot number, etc.

  4. How is the implant registered? The patient and breast implant details are provided/registered to the manufacturer through efax after you have scanned the implants, provided the operative summary details, have reviewed the generated registration form and tapped the register now icon.

  5. What is a breast implant card and how does it work? The breast implant ID card provides your patient with the serial number, manufacturer, date of their breast implant surgery and a brief operative summary. Patients can access their ID card at any time through their app by tapping the Document Vault and selecting implants.


Additional App Features

  • How do I invite my patient(s) to download the app?You can connect with patients by either locating them within the app or by selecting the "New Patient'' icon on the home screen. Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN) users can locate patients within the app via the search field located on the home screen.

  • How does the messaging feature work? The messaging feature enables you to privately message with your patient(s) without using your mobile number. Messages can be directed to four categories that can be assigned to staff: Billing, Medical Questions, Office Visits, and Surgery Scheduling. Photos from your camera or photo gallery can also be shared. 

  • What is the implant library? The implant library allows your office to create and store a digital version of the implant labels and registration forms used for patients. 

  • What does the breast implant scanner do? The scanner will help streamline the implant registration in your office by populating electronic device registration forms and auto-generating an implant ID card for your patient(s). The information collected will be permanently stored within the app for easy access for both you and your patient(s).

  • How do I use forms? You can securely capture patient data from patients prior to their via pre-populated forms. Within the app you will be able to:

    • Share/collect intake and consent forms

    • Take, save, and share photos 

    • Upload your pre/post-op documents